I Heard You Were Looking for Me

by Yorkshire Fields

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Recorded with a few guitars, a bass, Korg R3, Roland R-70, Korg ER-1, Yamaha MT8X, Roland Space Echo, Alesis 3630, a tambourine, a shaker, and a little help from the computer :)


released August 17, 2014

All songs written, performed, recorded, and produced by Yorkshire Fields

© 2014 Yorkshire Fields



all rights reserved


Yorkshire Fields Ruston, Louisiana

surfadelic shitgaze

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Track Name: Hand Lettering
Perfect sheet of ardent white
Smooth but not just so
Mind spinning like fan blades
Her forehead issues forth sweat like water
Oh the sound of the splash in the void
The ink bleeds out

And it's embarrassing the problems I have had
Trying to draw a straight line
Perspective never came natural

And I feel so gosh durned ashamed
What was I thinking of
Untrained, novice, and naive
And it all would've come so natural
If I had gone to art school
Track Name: On My Window
My room gets cold when the wind blows
It makes the trees knock-knock on my window
And down on the corner, the stop sign is going crazy
Twisting back and forth in its oscillation
The breeze is strong, but the smell is stronger
That West Monroe air, I can't breathe it any longer
Track Name: Tire
Your pride seeps through your jawline, and I can taste it on my lips.
I'm not ashamed to say I hoped for so much more than this.
You made the ground shake once, and since then you've just been shaking in your sleep, convincing passerby's that you're as strong as I am weak.

My shadow grows taller the farther I walk from the sun.
My head grows heavy with the moon.
I never meant to say out loud your middle or your last name.
I never meant to be so terrified of you.

All I need is one more, then I can finally sleep.
I never meant to shine my blue eyes bright enough for you to see.
If you only knew the ache of staring out this window pane, you'd know to stop walking down my road.
Track Name: June Gloom
Honey, I think you've been watching your shows a bit too close
It explains a lot; you're entertaining thoughts
Every week we catch up on their bodies

Now I don't want to seem jealous,
But you're coming off a little over-zealous
I've got to find a way to be as OK with this as I said I am

No one wants to be compared to people who aren't really there
But are fictions in a fiction
Am I a part of the fantasies you conjure gazing at the screen
Do your daydreams feature me

Black cloaks and guns and blood and bones
It's all so romantic, I know
But when you reach the season's end, could I have your love again
I'll act out all of the best scenes; you say that it's art, and I agree
I'll help you pick the next series so we can start it together

I'm sorry you are not to blame
Taking it this way is a stretch
Television makes no sense
And therein lies the appeal of it
Track Name: I Heard You Were Looking for Me
A heavy cloud of smoke was hanging in my head
And then I heard a voice calling out my name
I knew that I would love you before you pulled me through

And in the back of your car, just six foot long
We could have made a home out of any parking lot
I always told you I loved you; I made sure you knew

I wouldn't be me without you, babe
No no no way ay ay ;)

Defacing porta-potties
I heard you were looking for me
You dangled your feet in the water with me
And then I had everything

I used to pine for distant foreign lands
But now my happiness is just holding your hand
I'm always gonna love you, no matter what you do
Track Name: Piltdown Hoax
I've got scars inside my cheeks from biting in my sleep.
I never dream, and so it seems we play for keeps.
I never knew that all the stars were floating corpses in the dark.
Let's float along; pay our regards.

I know exactly how this goes, smudged fingerprints, scraped elbows.
It's not a stretch; it's common sense.
And I remember, first hand, the rush of air as the door slammed, your lips, your cheeks, your every beat.

I've got callous on my skin, digging graves for all my sins.
They're buried deep, and I will keep you there with them.
By now, you've realized it's a joke, this waking up, that Piltdown Hoax.
We're breaking vows and blowing smoke.
Track Name: Communist Girlfriend
You said you never dream, but you were lying
Last night I caught you talking in your sleep again
You whispered the name of another man
And asked him to show you how to be like him

Vladimir please show me how to be a stand-up Soviet
So we can revive the Union
Take me away to Moscow today
We can revive the Union
Track Name: Living Alone
Are you reading this? Right on.